Top 5 Things You Need to Pack in Your Beach Bag

Enjoy the Beaches in Destin this Summer

Planning a trip to Destin, Florida this summer? The beaches in Destin are just a short drive away from the Cottage by the Bay! We want you to feel prepared for your day at the beach so you can relax and enjoy the sand, sun, and surf! Read below to find the top 5 things you need to pack in your beach bag when you visit the beaches in Destin! To help you prepare even more,  check out our blog Beach Safety Tips for Your Destin Vacation!

Beaches in Destin


Bringing sunscreen to the beach might seem like a given. However, in order to truly protect yourself from the sun, make sure you bring different levels of sunscreen. 100 SPF is good for those who burn easily, and 50 SPF is perfect for those who tan more than they burn.


Bringing a hat is always a great way to help get out of the hot sun! Some people will bring an umbrella with them to the beach but bringing a hat for every member of your party will help as well!

Sand Toys

This one is for the kiddos in your group! Building sandcastles is always a bit more fun when you have help from sand toys. We also highly recommend bringing a football or frisbee to throw around. Sand toys and activities always make beach days even more memorable!

Refreshments & Snacks

If you are planning on spending the entire day at the beach, we highly recommend packing snacks. Some beach access points in Destin are just a short walk away from a beachfront restaurant, but just in case your kids get hungry, it is always a good idea to have a snack ready to go! The Cottages by the Bay come with a fully equipped kitchen making it easy to prepare snacks before spending your day in the sun.


Bring a towel for every member of your party, and maybe even a couple of extra. Trust us when we say that you will want to take a dip in the Gulf multiple times throughout the day due to the warmth of the sun!

The beaches in Destin are known for sugar-white sand and emerald, green water. You will love spending your days with your toes in the sand and then coming back to your vacation rental in Destin. The Cottages by the Bay are sure to be your home away from home while on vacation. Book your next vacation today!

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