Book a Fishing Charter During Your Stay!

Everything You Need to Know Before Booking a Fishing Charter

One of the most exciting activities you could book during your stay in Destin, FL is a fishing excursion! The Cottages by the Bay are located in the heart of Destin, just a short drive away from the harbor. This is where you will find a lot of the fishing charters in Destin, FL dock. During your excursions, you will get to enjoy the area from a different perspective, the middle of the Gulf. Your kids will love seeing the fish being brought into the boat, and the adults in your party will so enjoy the thrill of reeling in a big catch. We have listed everything you need to know before booking a fishing charter in Destin below! You will also find a list of our favorite fishing captains located in the area.

Protection from the Sun & Hydration

You will be active most of your time on the boat so it can be difficult to remember to reapply sunscreen, but it is necessary. You may not be laying out in the sun the way you would on the beach, but the sun is just as strong. One helpful tip is to bring a long sleeve shirt to help keep the sun off your arms. Like reapplying sunscreen, you may forget to hydrate throughout the day. Ask the boat captain if it is okay that you bring a small cooler with you to keep your water and sports drink cold.

Half Day vs. Full Day

With most fishing charters you will be given the option of doing a half day vs. a full day excursion. Choosing which one is best for your party is important. If you have more people and want everyone to get a good amount of time behind a reel, consider a full day. However, if you are a smaller family of 5-6 people, a half day should be perfect. Another thing to remember is fishing charters will be exciting but also will wear you out. If you have young children a half day might be best.

What will you Catch?

What you can catch depends on the season you are fishing in. For example, if you book a fishing charter in Destin during the summer, you can catch Red Snapper and Triggerfish, but those two species might not be as popular during the fall season. For a complete list of what fish are in season during your stay, visit Florida Go Fishing. Make sure you are looking at the Northwest Tab when deciding which fish you hope to catch during your trip!

Each fishing charter will have different regulations on their boat, but they all have the goal of heading home with smiling guests and a boat full of fish! Book your fishing charter in Destin with one of our trusted captains listed below. Also, be sure to check out our Things to do in Destin page for more vacation inspiration!

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