How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Retreat

How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Retreat

How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Retreat ~ Cottages by the Bay

Planning a corporate retreat can be a rewarding way to show your team how much you value them. These getaways are a great way to celebrate success and foster relationships. In addition, they also boost morale and create a welcoming environment for employees.

Corporate retreats are a great way to hit the reset button and get back to team building. Read on below for our tips on how to plan the perfect corporate retreat.

How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Retreat
  • Create your agenda – Having a set plan will help attendees pack appropriately and give them an idea of what to expect when they arrive. We highly recommend you steer away from structured timing and go with a more fluid event agenda. This will help you make the most of your time with your employees. It will also allow for the day’s events to adapt as needed.
  • Plan activities – Although you want to go with an event-based agenda, it’s helpful to have activities planned out! Try to avoid cheesy activities that attendees won’t want to participate in. Instead, schedule some group activities everyone will be eager to immerse themselves in. Since the Cottages by the Bay are located within walking distance of the Destin Harbor, you can easily reserve a dolphin cruise or fishing charter. The team will love the chance to bond in this relaxed environment while enjoying our beautiful waters!
  • Reserve your venue – Right across the street from the Cottages by the Bay is the Destin Bay House™. No matter the size of your team, the Destin Bay House™ has the space to accommodate just about any size team. Set up in the indoor dining area, with over 2,000 square feet of space, or on the 4,000 square foot Bay-front lawn. Because Destin Bay House™ is located right on Choctawhatchee Bay, you can enjoy a variety of water activities right from the dock.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that the Cottages are the perfect spot to host your team while you travel to Destin for your corporate retreat. Accommodating up to 44 guests, the Cottages provide all the comforts of home while giving your team that “we’re on vacation” feeling. With a sought-after location in the heart of Destin, everyone is sure to love a stay at the Cottages!

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