Our Top Honeymoon Planning Tips

Our Top Honeymoon Planning Tips ~ Cottages by the Bay

While planning your honeymoon can seem as daunting as planning a wedding, it doesn’t have to be! Just think of it as one big vacation. After all, the honeymoon is supposed to be the relaxing part of your wedding. Not to mention, every couple is unique in how they choose to spend their honeymoon. If you’re stuck on Pinterest and can’t decide where to begin, let our top honeymoon planning tips guide the way! You’ll be feeling organized in no time.

Honeymoon Planning Tips
  • First, look at your budget. How much do you want to spend on your honeymoon? Be realistic about daily expenses, including meals, transportation, and splurging on the occasional night out. There’s also the cost of lodging, which can certainly add up depending on where you are staying. If you’re hosting a beachfront wedding in Destin with our friends at the Destin Bay House™, then we would be remiss if we didn’t suggest our charming Cottages as a place to stay! Since we’re located just across the street from the Destin Bay House™, we double as the place to stay for pre- and post-wedding fun!
  • Once your budget is set, then decide on the kind of adventure you want. There are so many fun ways to embark on your honeymoon, from foodie tours across a city you love, to finally experiencing your dream beach vacation. If you do choose to embark on your beach vacation, our Cottages are within walking distance of popular Destin attractions like HarborWalk, local restaurants, and of course, the beach!
  • Just like with planning your wedding, setting deadlines to accomplish everything is crucial. Since you are most likely planning your wedding and honeymoon at the same time, setting realistic and timely deadlines is sure to help you out down the road!

Don’t forget, our charming Cottages by the Bay are the best place to stay in Destin for your honeymoon! Contact us today to find out more about our homes.