Your Stress-Free Wedding Day ~ Cottages by the Bay

With all of the details that go into planning a wedding, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. If this feeling creeps in, remember what your big day is all about – you and your partner’s relationship. It’s all about love! There are many things you can do to ease anxiety for a stress-free wedding day. Check out our guide for some helpful tips.

Budget, Prioritize and Plan

When you plan a wedding, it is important to have a budget in mind. From there you can begin to pick and choose vendors, decor and more. When you set a hard number to stick to, it will help eliminate surprises down the road. Remember, expenses that seem small can add up fast. You want your wedding to fulfill you and your partner’s vision, but not break the bank. Set financial ground rules early on, and you won’t experience the stress that comes with overspending.

Also, lay out your wedding priorities. What’s the most important aspect to you – the dress, the flowers, the invitations? If you make a list of everything you want going into the process, it is easier to stay on track. Additionally, this helps you to remember some of the smaller details that sometimes go unchecked. On that note, if it aligns with your budget, it is a great idea to have a wedding coordinator. These experienced professionals ensure that your wedding day is seamless.

Your Stress-Free Wedding Day

Overall, our biggest piece of advice is to plan in advance. Wedding venues and accommodations often book several months to a year out. If you have a particular idea in mind, you must make these reservations as soon as possible. For wedding accommodations in Destin, choose the Cottages by the Bay. These seven charming Cottages accommodate up to 44 of your closest friends and family members.

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