Site Plan

Cottages by the Bay Site Plan

From the site plan above, you can see that the layout of Cottages by the Bay makes it easy to access all of the wonderful accommodations provided to guests. Enjoy the fire pit (available 10/1-5/15), private pool, and grill area near the center of the property that is accessible to every cottage. Additionally, the site plan also provides a good representation of how to arrive at each cottage. If you are staying in Love Letter, Family Tradition or Humble and Kind you should come in on Sibert Avenue. Calhoun Avenue is the way to go when staying in Something Blue, Peace, Tranquility or Better Together. Beginnings Way provides a pathway with lighting to guide you to the Bay House across the street. Above all, we hope the site plan provides our guests a good guideline as to where everything is located at Cottages by the Bay.