Family Reunion Checklist

Family Reunion in Destin, FL

After 2020 being a year with limited family contact, we have seen a spike in groups booking their family reunion in Destin, FL. At The Cottages By The Bay, we love hosting family reunions in Destin because of the incredible memories made. We have put a checklist together for you to follow as you plan your next reunion!

Recruit a Planning Committee

Recruiting a planning committee will alleviate the stress of having to plan every detail. Assign members of the family to be in charge of the food, decorations, invitations, guest list, etc. There is a lot that goes into planning a reunion for every age group, so we recommend getting each generation involved. This way you are guaranteed to plan something for everyone!

Select a Date/Time with your Venue

The Cottages By The Bay is the perfect location for your family reunion in Destin, FL! Not only can we accommodate 50 guests, but we also have incredible amenities including a fire pit and pool. To learn more about hosting your group getaway in Destin at the Cottages, click here.

Select a Theme

Selecting a theme not only makes the family reunion so much more fun, but it also helps centralize everything you need to plan! Check out the list below of potential themes:

  • Family Olympics
  • Family Heritage Awareness
  • Sun, Sand, and Surf
  • Oldies Dance Party
  • Western

To make the most out of the theme you choose, your invitations, decorations, food, and activities should all reflect your reunion theme in some way.

Book Activities

It is never too early to book the activities for your family reunion in Destin, FL. Check out our Things to do in Destin page for an extensive list of activities in Destin the whole family will enjoy.

Memory Album

Creating a memory album of all of the pictures taken during the reunion is a great thing to share after you get home from your trip. This way members can reminisce on the incredible fun!

Planning a family reunion in Destin, FL can make for a trip you will cherish forever. To book your Cottages By The Bay group getaway to the Gulf Coast, click here!

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