Boat Safety Tips

Safety Tips When Renting a Boat in Destin, Florida

One of the most popular activities when vacationing to the beach is renting a boat in Destin, Florida. Before you go, brush up on these boat safety tips to ensure you and your group can enjoy a safe and exciting day on the water!

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Boating in Destin, Florida

Before You Go

Before you begin your boating excursion, make sure you have personal flotation devices for each member on the boat, safety equipment, and the required paperwork. Paperwork may differ depending on which rental company you use, however most boats available for rent require a boating license.

You can purchase a boating license in a couple of different ways. Your watersports provider will give you the option to take a short course with them and then receive a license at the end of the course. You can also take a course online and purchase them that way. The online options are listed below:

Another important tip before navigating the waters is to double-check the weather for the day. Be aware of potential rain and assess whether or not the rain is too risky. From personal experience, it is no fun getting caught in the rain on a boat!

During Your Excursion

Are you boating with children or pets? Children and pets should wear a lifejacket at all times. Give your pet some time to adjust to the difference of being on a boat. Let them walk around aboard the vessel. Make sure you also bring plenty of water for your furry friend!  

You may be treated to a wildlife encounter when on the boat. Dolphins are known to put on a show for visitors enjoying the day in Choctawhatchee Bay! As tempting as it may be, please remember that it is not encouraged to interact with any wildlife.

Stay hydrated and wear sunscreen! You might think this is an obvious tip, but you would be surprised how many people forget these two important items: water and plenty of protection from the sun!

After You Dock

After you take advantage of the beautiful Florida sunshine on your boat rental, make sure to grab all of your belongings and follow and clean up procedures from your watersports provider. Maybe even visit a popular restaurant in Destin before heading home to make the most of the day and reflect on how much fun you had on the water.

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