Booking a Spring Fishing Charter

Booking a Spring Fishing Charter in Destin, FL

Planning a vacation to Destin, FL? There are so many fun things to do in Destin! Visit our guide of local favorites including places to eat in Destin and area activities here.

Destin is known as the Luckiest Fishing Village for its incredible fishing charters and easy access to the Gulf of Mexico. During your beach vacation to Destin, we highly encourage you take a fishing charter with your family. It allows you to truly experience all Destin has to offer.

What Could You Catch?

Some may say the Spring season is the best time to go fishing in Destin. The weather will be the perfect temperature, and the fish in season include a local favorite…Cobia!

Man holding a fish

When does cobia season start, you may ask? The way it has worked in the past is the season starts as soon as the first fish is caught! They are one fish that put up a good fight, making it an exciting catch.

Other beautiful and delicious fish you may find in the Gulf during springtime are mackerel, tuna, mahi-mahi, triggerfish, and snapper (another famous find when fishing in Destin, FL).

Triggerfish often provide an exciting fishing excursion. They can be tough to catch and are known to steal bait right off your hook. Once you catch one, they are known to be a delicious fish.

Red Snapper is one of the most common fish throughout the Florida waters. They can be large in size and are known for their vibrant red color. Other examples of snapper include vermillion snapper, lane snapper (a rare find), and mangrove snapper.

Charters We Trust

There are plenty of options when it comes to fishing charters in Destin, FL. We have 3 favorites that we recommend you check out for a deep-sea Gulf Trip.

We personally know and trust each of these captains to give you an incredible experience.

If you decide to take a trip deep sea fishing in Destin during your stay, make sure to post a picture to Instagram and tag us, @cottagesbythebay. We would love to see your favorite catch of the day!

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