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Where to Find Public Beach Access in Destin

When you stay at the Cottages by the Bay, you have access to tons of great amenities. Everything you need for a successful vacation is right at your fingertips! Fully equipped kitchens, a community pool, and even a fire pit! One thing to consider is when you stay at the Cottages, you will have a short drive to public beach access in Destin. There are tons of options, and we have listed them for you below, but keep in mind that a trip to the beach will most likely be an all-day outing. What better way to experience the beach than spending the whole day building sandcastles and snorkeling through the Gulf?

Where to Find Public Beach Access in Destin

Calhoun Park

Calhoun Park is located right across the street from your accommodation. There is ample parking and shade. There are also public restrooms and a playground for your kids to enjoy. The public beach access lets out to the Choctawhatchee Bay providing cool views of the boats going by.

Norriego Point & Osteen Public Beach Access

Both of these are close together and not far from the Cottages. Norriego is close to the Destin Harbor restaurants activities but is typically more crowded. Osteen is a great option for those who are bringing coolers, toys, and umbrellas to the beach because it is a shorter walk to the sand.

Henderson Beach Access

Henderson State Park is the perfect location to spend your day. Gorgeous beaches and other activities including walking trails await. Learn more about the Destin beaches and how their ecosystem works while taking in breathtaking views of the beach. Expect a park access fee upon arrival.

Scenic Hwy 98

This strip of road has so many different options when it comes to public beach access in Destin. Each one offers something different. Some have limited parking but an outdoor shower to rinse off your feet and picnic tables. Others may have more options when it comes to parking, but you may have to walk a bit to get to the beach. Each option on Scenic Hwy 98 is listed below.

  • Shirah Street Access
  • The Shores at Crystal Beach Access
  • Crystal Beach Drive Access
  • Barracuda Street Beach Access
  • Pompano Street Beach Access
  • Tarpon Street Beach Access

We hope this list of public beach access in Destin helps you plan the ultimate trip to the beach during your stay!

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